We launched our first Food Bank in Chesterfield!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Prior to the event, we were apprehensive about how the community would react to the opening of the Afyalife food bank. Would anyone come? Do people like the idea? However, our apprehension was lifted as soon as we saw people from the community engage with us and show such a positive reaction.

The response from the local community was both inspiring and eye-opening. We had the opportunity to speak with people and families that have been directly affected by the pandemic. Some people have lost jobs, some have lost homes, this serves as a reminder of how important projects like this are.

Everybody that we spoke to agreed that something like this was needed for the community of Chesterfield and we are proud to be there for the community.

It was great to see people of all backgrounds coming together as a community for a common cause. This event enabled us to spark conversations between different people.

As well as feeding the community the conversations that we had gave us food for thought on how we as Afyalife can continue to help communities through our food bank initiative

The main positive that we can take away from the event is the amount of food that we were able to give away. This food will be an essential lifeline for struggling families. It shows us that people really need this food.

This is not just a one-time thing, our food bank will continue to help the local community every month, providing fresh and non-perishable food for those who are in need. We will also launch in Manchester once we find a venue or location in the Manchester Borough.

On behalf of everyone at the Afya Life Foundation, we would like to say thank you to everyone that was involved in the Afyalife Foundation Foodbank (Agape community feast) that saw the launch of our foodbank in Chesterfield.

We couldn't have done this without the support of the local community, local shops who donated food, The Apostolic Life Church who hosted the event and made warm cultural food, creative art for kids, and everyone that sacrificed their time to help others within the community.

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