Our areas of focus include health, agriculture, financial inclusion, women and girls empowerment, education, family support, environment, and energy.


Africa combats the world's most problematic public health crisis due to a lack of proper healthcare management. The foundation is working to strengthen partnerships between health NGOs, host countries, government, and private sectors to deliver a sustainable health system. 


AfyaLife Foundation partnered with a health platform propelling a consumer-driven health data platform built on AI and Blockchain Technology to help every individual take charge of their health and improve their well being.


Africa's full agricultural potential remains untapped and corrupted yet it has over 50% social, cultural and economic footprint owing to the continent’s favorable climatic conditions

Tying to the foundation’s focus areas, a source of livelihood is important to Africa’s development and growth especially in communities' quality of life. AfyaLife Foundation will endure to empower the local communities in building their food production through donors and partners. 

The Foundation will uplift the communities with adequate knowledge including access to digital tools for their personal growth in the agriculture sector. The Foundation is also working to provide farmers access to buyers, production chains, industries, technological and financial access.



These last few years have seen conversations and actions in trying to shatter the glass ceiling built and programmed into communities for over millennia on women's and girls' roles and capabilities. 

AfyaLife Foundation and like-minded partners are spearheading through actions the change in Africa in relation to women's and girls' empowerment. The foundation will work with women from all corners of life to connect them with relevant digital tools to propel growth across ecosystems and verticals through mentorships and investments.

The foundation will also give grants and bursaries to some students to support them in advancing STEM education focusing on girls and might be involved in academic research through partnerships. 


AfyaLife Foundation has access to a platform built to support community savings and lending groups propelling genuine growth in the African ecosystem.

As a continent, savings rates are relatively low, there continues to be a divide between the banked and the unbanked with the latter representing the majority of the population.

AfyaLife Foundation will work to support savings and investment groups, from SACCOS organizations to informal community societies like Chamas, ViCoBa, Stokvels, and the likes to ensure the financial divide narrows.

Banking on knowledge and education sharing to the unbanked forming the majority of the population, access to proper financial channels will definitely impact the population positively.


People are the focus of all that we do at AfyaLife Foundation. The Foundation is currently looking at opportunities that pillar on community services and funding.


Critical people in communities are the disabled, children, aging population, mental health individuals, physical and emotionally abused individuals.

AfyaLife Foundation aims to increase the strength and resilience of families by providing resources in the community.


Education is integral to the development of communities and quality of life. AfyaLife Foundation is continually seeking innovative ways to ensure education institutions run training programs in areas of STEM for primary, secondary, and university levels across Africa.


The program will mostly be technical and vocational training based and will be run in partnership with other education institutions, training facilities, and experts.

The foundation will also give grants and bursaries to some students to support them in advancing STEM education. STEM education still holds huge gaps in Africa, the foundation is keen on curbing the divides. The foundation will not be building schools but might invest in supporting the launch of technology and innovation hubs in schools and education institutions.



The environment has been at the forefront of conversations all over the world citing how human touch has impacted it in great lengths. Solutions to Africa’s serious environmental challenges such as pollution, land degradation, deforestation, biodiversity loss, extreme vulnerability to climate change, and biodiversity loss are being looked into in order to truly transform societies and economies.

The Foundation seeks to remind Africans to care for its environment as it holds a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources, both renewables, and non-renewables.

Working with environmental companies and educating communities on the benefits of taking care of the environment remains critical to the Foundation.